Need release dates for Netflix Watch Instantly? Check them out!

Streaming Soon
Offers a weekly rundown of what’s about to stream on Netflix. Bonus: It also gives the average Netflix rating for each title.

Instant Watcher
“Helps you find good streaming titles from Netflix” in a different, but useful way: by checking to see what films are the most popular in the last 24 hours and which ones are “new and noteworthy.” Great if you’re at home and don’t feel like flipping through pages of Netflix’s suggestions.

Each week the site gives a rundown on which movies are added to Netflix Instant. Bonus: It also details which films are about to expire.

It lists what titles will be streaming for several weeks ahead, it’s on Twitter (so you can follow to find out what’s streaming/expiring soon), and you can instantly add a title you like from the site to your queue.

(Courtesy of USA Today)


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