About the Hosts

Josh Goldberg

Josh began his professional career as a writer / host in Montreal, the city in which he was born and raised. In 2009 he was hired by a major mobile video game developer as a writer and self-proclaimed hand model.  He quickly became consumed by fame and fortune in the gaming industry and, after a quick stint in rehab, stopped referring to his hands as his ‘golden moneymakers.’

Shortly thereafter, the company began producing a monthly podcast which Josh co-hosts. However, as per his contract, he is no longer allowed to wear porcelain gloves to protect his hands and may not refer to himself in the third person.

Josh enjoys playing video games, watching movies, writing, traveling, playing street hockey and hosting podcasts, which he just can’t get enough of. For more of Josh’s thoughts on movies, video games, links to things he enjoys and more, check out his blog here! To see more of Josh’s work, click here.

Scott Parker

Scott began his career as an analyst in Montreal, working for an online poker room. He left the company days before winning untold millions in a poker tournament. There was speculation that the event had been tampered with somehow. But, before an investigation could even take place, the entirety of the website staff simultaneously succumbed to poisoning during Scott’s going-away party after ingesting a unique snake venom found only in the darkest forests of distant India.

While pursuing his MBA, Scott also spent six weeks on exchange to the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad from February to April 2009. Completely unrelated.

Scott enjoys traveling, meeting your mother, and is currently looking forward to contributing to the world of online podcasting with his take on film and television, two of his greatest passions. His dislikes include olives, Decepticons being confused for Predacons, and writing bios about himself.


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