So Long and Thanks for All the Fish!

After six long weeks of silence, your suspicions are true. (Clever girls!)

Unfortunately, we have decided to suspend the recording of the Netpix Podcast. It rapidly became far too much of a commitment to watch as many movies as we wanted to, curate all the available news stories, edit the audio, and do all of the coding necessary to post a new episode every week.

So for those of you who enjoyed listening to the 12 episodes available, we sincerely thank you for clicking on that Play button every week and if we can somehow find some more free time in the future, we may return bigger and better than before.

But in the meantime, so long (and thanks for all the fish),

Josh & Scott

P.S. It wouldn’t be a Netpix blog post without an IMDB link or two. So you’re welcome.

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One Response to So Long and Thanks for All the Fish!

  1. Acebojangles says:

    Enjoyed the podcast and sorry to see it go. Thanks for taking the time, guys!

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