#12 – The Netpix Podcast: The Happening, Troll 2, Howl, The Andromeda Strain

This week, Scott can’t stop eying Josh’s lemon drink. In this twelfth episode, we crack open some delicious Dogfish Heads (inspired by the documentary Beer Wars)  and discuss Viacom releasing more content on Netflix, Shaw increasing their bandwidth caps, Netflix visiting Los Angeles to shop for content to bring to Canada, and the “Netflix effect” leading networks to release more new shows this fall season. We then have a look at The Happening, Troll 2, Howl, and The Andromeda Strain. So stay upwind, don’t eat the food, and don’t mind us as we decontaminate your ears.


– More Viacom shows are Via-coming! From Nickelodeon, now available to watch instantly for the first time is “Yo Gabba Gabba,” as well as additional episodes of “Spongebob SquarePants,” “True Jackson VP,” “iCarly,” and “Dora the Explorer.” From MTV, new episodes of “Jersey Shore” and “The Hills” are on Netflix as are, for the first time, “The Buried Life” and “The City.” They also have new shows from BET like “American Gangster,” additional episodes of Comedy Central gems like “The Sarah Silverman Show,” and others from VH1, Logo and Spike.

– In what we hope will be a continuing trend, Shaw Cable is increasing their bandwidth caps. Starting in June, Shaw’s standard 7.5 Mbps plan will come with a 125 GB cap (up from 60 GB). Meanwhile, its low-speed 1Mbps “lite” offering will have a 30 GB cap (up from 15 GB), and premium customers with a 25Mbps plan will now have a 250GB cap (up from 100GB). Customers that exceed the cap will automatically be bumped into the next tier, but revert to their previous subscription package once the month is over.

– Netflix had a representative (senior manager of content acquisition Emily Briggs) in Hollywood charged exclusively with shopping for content for Canada. It was reported that Netflix did buy the television rights for at least one lower-profile show in Hollywood this year, securing the entire package – including TV rights, which won’t be used for the first run – just to lock up the online rights.

–  The four biggest U.S. television networks are introducing the most shows in seven years as subscription services like Netflix make spending on new programs less risky. This week, CBS, Fox, ABC and NBC presented advertisers with 39 new programs for the TV season that starts in September, the most since 2004-05, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

The Happening (Netflix.ca)
Troll 2 (Netflix.com)
Howl (Netflix.com)
The Andromeda Strain (Netflix.comNetflix.ca)

Netflix.com: Available on Netflix.com Netflix.ca: Available on Netflix.ca

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Scott – Troll 2

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