#9 – The Netpix Podcast: Hunger, The Human Experience, Adam, Fair Game

Time for nine! Against all expectations, we refused to review Nine, 9, or District 9. In this ninth episode of the Netpix Podcast, we discuss Netflix’s intentions to introduce family plans, as well as two of Netflix’s newest competitors, MSpot and Crackle. We then have a look at Hunger, The Human Experience, Adam, and Fair Game. Take a ride on cloud nine and have a listen; we promise seven won’t eat you.


– Netflix will introduce additional streaming plans later this year that will offer the ability to stream to multiple devices simultaneously, according to a FAQ for investors published on the company’s website.
mSpot Movies launches, offering access to new releases the same day they’re released on DVD -that’s 28 days before many of those titles are available through Netflix.
Crackle is also a new player on the scene, offering free movies and TV shows to your mobile device.

Additional story:
Google searches for Netflix overshadow those for “DVDs,” and even those for “free movies.”

Hunger (Netflix.com)
The Human Experience (Netflix.com)
Adam (Netflix.ca)
Fair Game (Netflix.com)

Netflix.com: Available on Netflix.com Netflix.ca: Available on Netflix.ca

Top Pick of the Week
Josh – Adam
Scott – Adam

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